Arsenal vs Swansea Prediction with Betting Tips: Arsenal looking for 6th win in a row

Arsenal vs Swansea Prediction with Betting Tips: Arsenal looking for 6th win in a row

Arsenal host Swansea and this could be the sixth win in a row for Arsene Wenger and his boys. Arsenal vs Swansea should be a winnable fixture for the Gunners and, depending on other results, they might even top the table after this round. Arsenal are a point behind Spurs and two behind Man City.

Betting on Arsenal could make sense but the prices are low – you’ll have to read our match prediction in full and get some betting tips at the end if you want to make money on this match.

Arsenal vs Swansea Preview

Swansea are just horrible at the moment and although they usually don’t lose by more than one goal, they do always lose. That’s why they replaced coach Guidolin with ex US coach Bob Bradley, and this will be a major test for Bradley and for US coaches in general. If Bradley makes it he might just pave the way for other US coaches to be taken seriously, and if he fails then we’re back to the same old prejudice.

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Arsenal fans can be happy with the team so far, despite being so frustrated during the transfer window with Wenger’s unwillingness to splash cash for a striker. The Frenchman took care of everything by fielding Alexis Sanchez as number nine, and it worked well so far. While Arsenal aren’t impressive, they’re winning.

One thing Wenger will be using to motivate his team is the fact that they’ve lost to Swansea 1-2 at home in March and that was the last time these two sides met.

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Alexis Sanchez will likely again be number nine, and most of the team will be unchanged. Theo Walcott will be playing from the start, and we’ll see if Granit Xhaka gets the starting spot in midfield. He might, as Wenger will need his playmaking skills in a match Arsenal are expected to dominate.

Aaron Ramsey is nearing return and Wenger said he will “miss one or two more matches”.

Bob Bradley will likely make some changes to the Swansea lineup and to the way Swansea play. He had the entire international break to come up with something as Swansea don’t have that many international players, unlike Arsenal which had the empty locker room for the last week as player scattered all over the globe.

Arsenal vs Swansea Prediction

Arsenal can be struggling to score at times, but overall they’re a dominant side, much more than they were last season when defence was a bit shaky. Arsenal did concede some goals this season against minnows but all of them were accidents, really, and Arsenal should have kept a clean sheet. Swansea will be very toothless in offense against the Arsenal defence.

This will be yet another match in which Arsenal will be controlling the ball and will be looking for that one goal to take care of the minnows, and it’s not certain Arsenal will be scoring freely. They’ll have to work hard to beat the Swans and will need that final pass and composure in front of goal.

Arsenal vs Swansea Betting Tips

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And now we’re getting to the real thing. What should we bet on in the Arsenal vs Swansea fixture? Arsenal will likely win but the prices are a bit low, even less than 1.30. We can only suggest betting live and waiting for 10-15 minutes for the odds to rise, but the rise won’t be significant and again you’ll get 1.30 or 1.32. BET365 have the solution.

They have odds on Arsenal to Win to Nil 2.10, Arsenal to Score in Both Halves 1.67, and Arsenal to Win Both Halves 2.37. Make your pick and visit Bet365 to place your bet.

Match starts on Saturday 13 October 2016 at 15:00 BST.

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